Increasing The Safety Of Your Home's Bathroom For An Elderly Relative

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Increasing The Safety Of Your Home's Bathroom For An Elderly Relative

13 July 2016
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If you recently took in an elderly relative so they are not living on their own due to mobility difficulties, their safety is most likely foremost on your mind. The arrival of someone with handicap issues means you will need to make a few changes in your home so they are able to get around without becoming injured. The bathroom is one room in the home where slip and fall accidents are always a risk due to the increased moisture in the area. Here are some steps you can take to make this room easy to navigate for your relative as they stay in your home.

Add Safety Rails In High-Risk Areas

It is a good idea to install hand rails in areas where your relative is likely to use fixtures. Putting a rail right inside the doorway will be helpful so they can grasp upon it when turning on the light switch with the other hand. Put rails at an easy to reach height above the floor level. This can be determined by having your relative show you where they would feel most comfortable in holding onto as they make their way around the room. Be sure to install these safety accessories on the walls on the side of the toilet, near the bathtub and near the sink. Select rails in a contrasting color from your walls so your family member will see them without difficulty.

Increase Bathroom Safety With Rubber Grippers

As your relative uses the bathroom, it is a good idea to make the floor less slippery with help from rubber gripping tape or stickers. Place decorative stickers with rubber surfaces inside the floor of the bathtub or shower to help keep your relative from sliding when the porcelain becomes wet. Avoid using rugs inside the bathroom if possible. If your loved one insists on having a rug to step onto after bathing, opt for a rubber floor mat or carpeted mat with rubber gripping tape adhered to the backing. These are less likely to shift when someone steps upon them.

Make Sure The Lighting Is Adequate

If you have a dark bathroom, your family member is at more of a risk of injuring themselves if they are unable to see safe spots to step as they make their way around. Increase the lighting in the area by using sheer curtains instead of thick material for window coverings. Add wall lights in addition to a bright ceiling light to illuminate the area effectively. Battery-powered dome lamps can also be placed on the floor for nighttime use. These turn on easily with a tap of the foot upon the surface. Keep a nightlight plugged in at all times as well.

Contact a local handicapped equipment and supplies business for more help.