A CPAP Machine Can Keep Your Airway Open And Help You Avoid Complications From Sleep Apnea

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A CPAP Machine Can Keep Your Airway Open And Help You Avoid Complications From Sleep Apnea

15 November 2022
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If you've had a sleep study and been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor might recommend you start sleeping with a CPAP machine. Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by the narrowing or closing of your upper airway when you fall asleep and become deeply relaxed.

A CPAP machine blows air in your mouth or nose so the pressure will keep your airway open. While that might sound uncomfortable, most people get used to it and are able to sleep without difficulty. Here are some details about CPAP machines you'll want to know.

You Need A Doctor's Order And Settings

You need a doctor's order to buy a CPAP machine from a medical supply store. Part of the reason is that your doctor establishes the settings for the machine based on your condition.

Once you have the order, you're free to buy the machines you want. However, your insurance company may only pay for one or a certain type, so if you also want a travel machine, you may need to pay for it yourself.

Be Patient While You're Getting Used To CPAP

It takes time to get used to wearing a mask while you're trying to sleep. Remind yourself the CPAP machine is improving your health and preventing complications of sleep apnea. Once you've worn the machine for a while, you may notice you feel better during the day and sleep better at night. That can be motivation to keep using your machine as your doctor instructs.

You'll usually need to wear the machine every time you fall asleep, even if you're just napping during the day. That's why you might want additional machines. You may need to take one on a plane or in a tent while camping. These would have to run on batteries while your main machine would hook into the wall outlet at your bedside.

Be Consistent With Cleaning The Equipment

The medical supply store will teach you what you need to know about cleaning your mask and other supplies. These need to be replaced and cleaned regularly to reduce the risk of picking up an infection. Your insurance company will have a set number of supplies they pay for each month, but you can buy extra with your own money if you want to.

Supplies consist of at least tubing and the mask. You will be told how often to rinse or deep wash the supplies. Washing more often is recommended if you have a respiratory infection. You'll also need to change the filter in the machine according to the manufacturer's instructions.