Why It's Important For Your Power Wheelchair Seat To Recline

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Why It's Important For Your Power Wheelchair Seat To Recline

25 April 2023
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It's important to carefully analyze the seat when you shop for a power wheelchair. While you'll obviously want to check out many other details of this assistive device, choosing a model that has the right seat for you is something that you'll appreciate countless times in the coming years. One feature that you should look for is a seat's ability to recline. Many power wheelchair seats offer this functionality, and many will recline so that they're virtually horizontal. Being able to recline in this manner is important for the following reasons.


Depending on your physical limitations, either now or in the future, there's a chance that you may not be able to get out of your power wheelchair with ease. At times that you want to have a rest, you'll be able to recline the wheelchair's seat so that you're horizontal or almost horizontal and then rest as long as you'd like. This can be a lot more convenient and even safer than attempting to get out of the wheelchair and move to a bed or sofa in your home, for example. Lots of power wheelchairs have seats that are very comfortable, and you might be surprised at how well you're able to rest in a reclined position.


If you're sitting upright in your wheelchair for a prolonged period, you may occasionally want to stretch your body. For example, even on a comfortable seat, your lower back and hip muscles may start to feel tight. Rather than getting off the chair, which may not always be practical, you can simply recline the seat to your desired level. Reclining your seat will help to stretch various muscles in your body, which can offer comfort. When you feel that you've adequately stretched your body, you can simply return to an upright position.


There can be times when you'll need to transport your power wheelchair in various types of vehicles. Being able to recline the seat will change the shape of the wheelchair, which may help it to fit better in certain spaces. For example, if someone is loading the wheelchair into a vehicle and having trouble getting it to fit, they may have better luck once they recline the seat fully or partially. As you shop, be sure to check out whether the power wheelchair you're interested in buying has the ability to recline its seat and, if so, how much the seat will recline.

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