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Few things are as important to your recovery from some illnesses as medical equipment. When I had a baby who was born with several medical problems, the only thing that coaxed her through jaundice was a bed made with ultra-violet lights. She was able to completely recover from her condition, and it was really great to see how well she did. This blog is all about taking care of medical equipment and supplies, and knowing how they can benefit you or your loved one throughout your recovery. You never know, with the right supplies, you might be able to enjoy a happier, easier recovery.

3 Uncommon Things That Can Worsen Asthma

18 January 2017
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If you have asthma, then you're probably familiar with inhalers and nebulizers, which can be purchased from a company like B and B Medical Technologies and help open your airway to facilitate an effective pattern of breathing. While pediatric asthma is most common, adults can also be affected. Common triggers for an asthma attack include upper respiratory infections, pet dander, certain foods, and hay fever; however, there are other, less common things that can increase your risk for characteristic asthma symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness, coughing, and shortness of breath. Read More …

What To Expect When Your Dog Gets An Ultrasound To Check For Abdominal Abnormalities

3 November 2016
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There are many reasons why a veterinarian would want to have an ultrasound done on your pet dog. Your pet may have a small toy stuck in their digestive tract, or they could be suffering from a heart ailment that needs to be closely inspected to look for things like a faulty heart valve. The ultrasound is typically done at the veterinarian's office and the results are immediate. If your veterinarian has told you that your dog will need to have an ultrasound and you want to know more about what will happen, here is an overview of what to expect when the ultrasound is being performed. Read More …

3 Reasons Purchasing Refurbished Ultrasound Equipment Can Improve Your Medical Practice

22 August 2016
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Doctors, midwives and other medical professionals know that their patients have high expectations when it comes to standard of care and medical expertise. For these reasons, a large emphasis has been placed on providing patients to modern sitting rooms as well as access to advanced medical equipment, as first impressions are vital. Your medical practice can be presented in a professional manner by making smart choices when it comes to choosing refurbished medical equipment. Read More …

Ways To Know Your MRI Needs Repairs

19 July 2016
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When you work with medical equipment every day, you tend to grow accustomed to relying upon that medical equipment and trust that it will always function as it should when you use it. However, no piece of medical equipment is infallible, including the MRI equipment you use on a regular basis. In order to be sure that you are serving your patients well and are not using faulty equipment, get to know some of the ways that you can tell that your MRI needs repairs. Read More …

Increasing The Safety Of Your Home’s Bathroom For An Elderly Relative

13 July 2016
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If you recently took in an elderly relative so they are not living on their own due to mobility difficulties, their safety is most likely foremost on your mind. The arrival of someone with handicap issues means you will need to make a few changes in your home so they are able to get around without becoming injured. The bathroom is one room in the home where slip and fall accidents are always a risk due to the increased moisture in the area. Read More …